Program Spotlight

Using Youth Voice
as a Breakthrough Innovation to Transform NYS 4-H Into an Antiracist Organization

Youth Voice Videos


About the Project

The objective of the Using Youth Voice project is to create a series of mechanisms to give youth a vehicle for sharing their ideas for transforming NYS 4-H into an antiracist organization.

These are the mechanisms being used:

  • In Their Own Words: Youth will be invited to be guest columnists in newsletters to share their ideas.

  • Where Are They Now?: interviews with 4-H alumni will be conducted to give these young people an opportunity to reflect on what helped them most to be successful in 4-H and what recommendations they have for transforming 4-H into an inclusive organization.

  • Youth Voice: A series of podcasts featuring interviews with 4-H alumni, current 4-H’ers, and community members to share what they believe is needed to happen to transform 4-H into a respected antiracist organization.

Where Are They Now ?

Where Are They Now, Bri
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Where Are They Now, Kenyetta v2
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Where Are They Now, Tyler v2
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Project Team

June P. Mead, Ph.D., CCE Broome County

Using Youth Voices Project Lead

Sara Jablonski, CCE Erie County

Using Youth Voices Project Coordinator

Sherman D. Webb-Middlebrooks

Communications/Multimedia Consultant